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Project God of Small Things 2018

“God of small things” is a symbolic representation of local 'Nayi ki dukan’ which act as a temple of beauty for the working-class and socially marginalised section of society. The tools used by the barber for the grooming of the customer are like divine instruments. The ambience of the barbershop, the way tools and products are displayed in juxtaposed position on a pedestal are similar to temples which are kept at homes where imageries/ photos of gods are kept in the same fashion, crowded one behind the other but each has its own importance.
This similarity induced me to this project, collecting/borrowing tools from a local barber, arranging them in a structure which is similar to “Mandir” accompanied with mantras praising the divine power of each tool, as one praises the ability of each deity in a temple. Thus, giving the setting of a temple as a whole and presenting the tools having its own personality and divinity.

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